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Tobacco smoke related to child behavior

Source: EUROPA PRESS / Date: December 11, 2009 / Category: General Press

Experts of Epidemiology of the Helmholtz Zentrum of Munich, Germany, suggest that smoke of tobacco could be associated to behavioral problems in children. They note that this influence is bigger during pregnancy since it`s a much more sensitive development phase.

In fact, information shows that children exposed to tobacco before birth have a 1,9 higher risk of developing abnormal behavior compared to children who did not breathe tobacco smoke. Moreover, this investigation revealed that children exposed to this contaminated air have a 1,3 bigger risk.

Likewise, children exposed to smoke during pregnancy and after birth have double chance of suffering a negative impact. These symptoms include ADHD o problems in their social relations. These results are independent from the social environment in which these children grow up.

Doctor Joachim Heinrich emphasized that “there is a great difference between children that have been exposed to tobacco during pregnancy or just since birth”.

This expert explained that “the value of this study is not only based in investigation, but also in the understanding of this study as possible levels of contamination for unborn, babies and children y different ages, in order to establish the effects and differences in each stage”.

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